Testimonials: Classes
We are always looking for high-quality and affordable educational resources for our son.  Although we didn't have previous experience with online courses, we thought we would give it a try.  We have been very satisfied with LIVE Online Math.  Our son's interest level, achievement, and commitment remain high.  We are very pleased with his progress, and with the evaluation, parent feedback and communication from the teacher.   We hope to see these courses continue for a long time!
~ Andrea in Massachusetts
LIVE Online Math has been a valuable addition to our homeschooling experience.  In addition to learning from a capable and enthusiastic instructor, students interact with other students from all over the country.  This makes the class fun and interesting.  The teacher is thorough and is personable with the students, making the math both interesting and fun. Math done online, in real time, with a live instructor, is not only state-of-the-art, but it's a great way to school!
~ Lisa in Washington

Our daughter and son have both thrived in taking Algebra and Geometry through LIVE Online Math. The kids enjoyed learning difficult material in the live classroom setting. Our daughter especially has blossomed into a proponent of this type of learning generally, and of her class specifically. Thanks for keeping our kids on track in subjects that are typically difficult to administer in a home-school setting!

~ Melinda in California
My son took Algebra this year. This is by far the best online class we have found.  The teacher teaches, answers questions, the kids “raise their hands” to speak, they write on the white board, and even break out in to groups to work while the teacher “walks around” to check on what they are doing.  The students are engaged during the session… no daydreaming in this class. Initially, the technology was a challenge (for us), but that turned out to be a bonus mini-technology class, something we needed anyway.  The teacher was great, and my son thoroughly enjoyed this class. I highly recommend it to all my friends.
~ May in Minnesota
My daughter is taking Geometry this year and she is really enjoying it. She has gone from, “I hate math” to, “This is so easy.” She has always had trouble passing math tests in the past. This has been a stress free year of math with A’s on her tests. She even had the confidence to take the math entrance exam for Running Start and did so well that she is eligible to take the highest level of math this coming school year (Pre-Calculus).
~ Debbie in Washington
I'm so happy to have found a provider that we can stick with from the lower levels of math through the higher levels!  My son loves the live sessions and I've been impressed with how interactive they are.  We've done online classes with other providers and we've found that LIVE Online Math does a great job of using this platform for education.  Looking forward to next year!
~ Christy in California
The teacher exhibited an extreme about of patience, flexibility and fairness.  Understanding that every student is different, he was able to meet the needs of each student without compromising the integrity of the course.  I also appreciated that the class sessions were recorded.  This helped me to be informed about the goings on of the class so that I could assist my daughter wherever needed.  This was also a great feature when we went on vacation.
~ John in Maryland
We have used LIVE Online Math for four years (Pre-Pre-Algebra through Geometry). The teachers are the kind of teachers we all wish we had in High School. They keep everyone involved and on track while throwing in a few laughs. The class organization is outstanding and the system is easy to use, making for a great learning environment. 5 BIG stars!!
~ Inga in Texas
As a homeschooling mother of eight children with 23 years of teaching, my only regret with LIVE Online Math is that I did not discover it sooner! My last two boys just finished Algebra II and they are convinced that the teaching style and the instructor were the best Math courses ever invented! I could not be more pleased with the content or the value of this program.
~ Jana in Florida
I feel so confident about math now! I am learning so much and I can't wait to come back next year. I loved learning with other kids and I really enjoyed all the pictures and phrases that the teacher uses! :) Thank you so much!
~ Kelly in Georgia (student)
This class gave me a whole different way to learn a subject. It was new, fun, and very different from a classroom experience. I would definitely take this class again.
~ Dan in Colorado (student)
Testimonials: Workshops
My daughter really enjoyed the workshops she's attended.  Her favorite parts were the interactive whiteboard and, "all the fun websites that he showed us."  She learns a lot from the workshops and we both liked the focus on a specific topic as a break from our usual math.  She is excited to do more workshops.
~ Liz in Texas
Thank you very much for offering these workshops!  My son really enjoyed them. The online format seems to make math more enjoyable for him.  He got so much out of the individual workshops that we are considering registering for a full year class.  Instruction and parent communication was thorough and handled in a professional manner.
~ Stephanie in Ohio
Being able to interact with the teacher and other kids during the session made this a fun experience for my daughter. The concepts that were covered in the workshop she attended provided an excellent review for her. I wish we had done it earlier in the year!
~ Marsha in South Carolina
Testimonials: Tutoring
My daughter was nervous about math before tutoring with LIVE Online Math and now, in a short time, I see her gaining confidence and she looks forward to each session.  The tutor made her comfortable from the start and I am very happy with her progress. The tutoring updates are great so I can keep track of her progress. Try the free demo and you will be impressed. I never looked elsewhere after that.
~ Jodi in California
The flexibility of the tutor to work around my daughter’s schedule and the ability to work on whatever issues she was having trouble comprehending were a huge bonus for us.  The rapport built between the tutor and my daughter was invaluable, and made her Geometry experience positive.  Without the assistance of LIVE Online Math, it would not have been.  I would (and have) HIGHLY recommend this service to others.
~ Leslie in Washington
My daughter's tutor explains math concepts clearly, uses a variety of approaches, and seems to have a sixth sense about when it's time to move on or when extra practice is needed. My daughter is a visual learner, and the white board, complete with emoticons, grabs her attention and keeps her engaged. We highly recommend LIVE Online Math.
~ Marcia in Maryland
My son sometimes gets totally confused by his teacher in school and the tutor has patiently taken time to explain how and why things in math work the way they do. It's nice to see my son smile after a session and he stores up questions to ask next time.
~ Mandy in Dublin, Ireland
My daughter was way behind in her math class. After working with the tutor, she not only got her grade up from a D to a B+, she also gained confidence because she was actually ahead of the other kids in her class.  Her teacher could not believe how much she improved.  Now she is in AP level math in high school and doing great. I am going to use your services for my younger daughter. Thanks again!

~ Andrew in Washington
We tried another online tutoring company but it did not work for our two girls.  With help from LIVE Online Math they have developed not only knowledge, but confidence in themselves and their abilities. They are better students and now know how to take notes and prepare for a test. I love the feedback we get after every tutoring session.  Tutoring has been invaluable for our family.
~ Jeff in Texas
We have been very pleased with LIVE Online Math. We have used it for SAT math prep for two of our daughters and have seen great results.  In both cases our daughters have increased their SAT math scores. It was very convenient for my daughter’s sports schedule to be able to change the times and days of tutoring from week to week to suit our changing schedule. It is convenient to do SAT Math prep from the comfort of your own home and still be able to ask questions as needed.
~ Beverly in Pennsylvania
Using the one-on-one tutoring service from LIVE Online Math was a great experience. The tutor was knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with and the rates were reasonable. My daughter gained a greater understanding of her math curriculum.
~ Susan in California
Testimonials: Video Courses
The structure of the program makes it easy to use.  The fact that you can move at your own pace was great for my son, and allowed me to adapt the program to his level of learning.  Also, being able to go back to review as needed is a big benefit for us.  The instruction is excellent and my math-allergic son actually understood the concepts being introduced in the videos.
~ Lorrie in California
This program was the perfect solution for us.  We needed a program that maintained the flexibility of a self-guided course but with more instruction and more support for the times when we just didn’t get it!!  Mr. Bovey has been exceptional in providing amazingly prompt support.  We love and appreciate his humor and his ability to include mnemonic devices and other visual cues to assist in memory retention.  This is a brilliant answer for those who are “afraid” of home schooling for high school.
~ Donna in South Carolina
This course has given me the structure I needed for my daughter's math education.  She really enjoys learning from the videos. There are even hands-on activities that she loves, and the real-life applications make math come alive. I'm truly amazed at how much math she has learned this year!
~ Joanne in California
My son has always struggled in math, despite my having been a math teacher and an MBA! I am a tactile learner and he is a visual learner.  My son not only is succeeding in math, but he understands the concepts to where he can explain them to his younger sister. Also, LIVE Online Math is great about responding to emails and questions, and the videos are hilarious. I never thought my son would pause his MATH lesson and call me over to share it with me, because of some funny reference or other joke.  If every visual learner had access to this program, everyone could learn Algebra. Thank you so much for this awesome program!
~ Kathy in New York
I really liked learning from the videos.  The teacher does a great job of explaining the concepts.  His teaching made math easy to understand. 
~ Coby in Kansas (student)
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Testimonials: Video-Plus Courses
This has been such a positive experience for us!  I used to have to fight with my son to get him to do math.  Even the suggestion of opening the book would produce a small conflict.  Now, he actually enjoys math and he's truly understanding the concpets for the first time instead of just doing problems.  This program has also freed up my time so I can focus more on my younger kids.
~ Jeanne in Missouri
We reached a point with teaching math where we just needed a different voice.  The fact that my daughter is accountable to another person has been a blessing.  Needing to meet the weekly deadlines has been a growing experience for her by allowing her to develop good time management skills.  For us, the pacing of the course was perfect, so she could complete her work and still have some flexibility in her schedule.
~ Linda in New York
I am in year two as a LIVE Online Math customer and the whole online format made the difference between math being a drudgery and disliked, to my son being self-motivated and thinking mathematically in everyday, real life settings. The teaching is creative and the use of technology is very appropriate and helpful for the concepts being taught.  My son has had a steady progression of improvement since we've started.  I really cannot say enough good things about LIVE Online Math!
~ Michelle in Pennsylvania
We used to struggle with completing our previous math program by the end of the year, and often had to work into summer. The Video-Plus Course solved that issue by helping us to stay on schedule. We love that our daughter can review concepts on the videos over and over until she truly understands the material. I've recommended this program to all my homeschooling friends!
~ Theresa in California
I used to dread doing math, until I tried out a few workshops.  I enjoyed the online format, so my mom put me into the Video-Plus Pre-Algebra course.  This program has helped me understand math better and I can now apply concepts to everyday life.  Now I actually look forward to learning math in this format.
~ Alex in Pennsylvania (student)