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Collage-Style Large Group Activity
(Duration: 2:50)
What happens during a
LIVE session?
Created by LIVE Online Math. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
Almost anything!  In a typical session students might...
Check out some video snippets from actual LIVE sessions.
Our daughter and son have
both thrived in taking
Algebra and Geometry
through LIVE Online Math.
The kids enjoyed learning
difficult material in the live
classroom setting. Our
daughter especially has
blossomed into a proponent
of this type of learning
generally, and of her class
specifically. Thanks for
keeping our kids on track in
subjects that are typically
difficult to administer in a
home-school setting!
~ Melinda in California
Discovery Activity and Using Images
(Duration: 4:45)
Student Presentation of an Individual Activity
(Duration: 1:44)
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Using Whiteboard Tools
(Duration: 0:52)