John Bovey
John Bovey has been the owner/operator of LIVE Online Math since its beginning. Before that he has successfully taught math and other subjects for grades 4-12, but is most experienced with teaching middle school and high school level math. He is a certified teacher in Washington state and has worked for schools in Ohio, California, and Washington. He is widely regarded as an excellent math teacher by former students and parents. He has also tutored numerous students in math online and in-person. Several references will attest to his strong teaching abilities and the overall success he has had as a teacher. He earned his Bachelor's degree from Franciscan University in 2000 and a Master's degree from Gonzaga University in 2008.
As a homeschooling parent myself, I understand the unique demands homeschoolers face every day as the primary educators of their children. I was inspired to start this company as a service to homeschooling families who need help with teaching math. Since all students are different, I wanted to offer various levels of help. Some families want to fully outsource the teaching of math, some want help with specific units, some just need a bit of 1-on-1 help, and some want to work at their own pace. Classes, workshops, tutoring and video-based courses are my ways of trying to meet as many needs as possible.
Katrina (Parent): Mr. Bovey is one of the best teachers I have ever seen and he's perfect for the online world! He teaches clearly, often using visual tools and he answers questions thoroughly. He walks a perfect line between being serious and requiring focus/commitment from his students, while also having fun and allowing the classes to bond with inside jokes and nicknames. His communication with parents is outstanding, which is huge for me.
Cheryl (Student): There is a difference between being told how to do math and being taught how to do math. John Bovey is a teacher. His teaching techniques of fully explaining the concepts and allowing me to discover for myself how they function has allowed me to be confident in my math skills through high school and well into college.
Julia (Student): Mr. Bovey inspired me to love math! He helped prepare me for public school and I currently have a GPA of 3.7. I couldn't have done it without him!
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LIVE Online Math was started in 2008 with the mission of helping homeschooling families teach math.  Since then, students from a variety of learning situations have benefitted from the LIVE Online Math program.  Homeschooled students, public/private school students, and even adult learners successfully accomplish their goals every day via LIVE Classes, Workshops, Tutoring, and Video-Based Courses.  Don't take our word for it, check out some customer testimonials.
On Teaching Math
Many people remember learning math as simply memorizing the rules and processes that were required to get the right answer. This is not what math should be about. Excellent math education allows students to truly learn concepts and understand why math works. This is the heart of a quality education in math.  This also allows students to apply their learning to real life situations. Finally, teaching (especially online teaching) cannot be effective without a good student/teacher relationship. Developing a good rapport with students is one of the highest priorities a teacher (of any subject) should have.
Teacher Profile: John Bovey
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Michelle Williams
Teacher Profile: Michelle Williams
Michelle earned her Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics for Secondary Education in 1998 and her Master's of Arts in Teaching in 2004. She has taught math at both the junior high and high school levels in Arizona, Hawaii, and Wyoming. During that time she taught many classes ranging from Basic Mathematics to Pre-Calculus. Her most rewarding and challenging teaching experience was a multi-level class for kids who were in the "at-risk" program. After earning her Master's degree she opted to stay at home with her children. She currently home educates her three children in Arizona.
I strongly believe that while learning may not always be "fun", it definitely should not be frustrating. I enjoy helping students understand concepts while building confidence to continue on to life long learning. Whether a student needs to be challenged to go beyond what they are learning, or scale back and focus on the basics, the life skills that emerge from these challenges better the whole person.
Jamie (Parent): From my perspective as a parent, Michelle has been great to work with. She has been providing tutoring for my son and it seems like each week there is always at least one thing he needs help on, and after the session he really excels at that thing! She is genuinely interested in his success, and is very positive and encouraging overall.
Ashley (Student): Mrs. Williams was a great teacher, my favorite teacher when I was growing up. She always made our class laugh while learning math and she took time to help me when I didn't understand what to do. She encouraged us to work hard, rather than let us be lazy and not care.
DeAnn (Colleague/Supervisor): Michelle is a wonderful educator who always places the student at the forefront if all her planning and lesson decisions. She is kind, generous, and always willing to go the extra mile. Michelle has a very strong understanding of mathematical curriculum as well as the necessary pedagogical strength to meet the student at their level of understanding and move them forward.
Ellen Si
Ellen holds a Bachelorís Degree in Mathematics as well as a Masterís Degree in Education, and has taught all levels of math from middle school math through AP Calculus. She has a diverse teaching background having taught in a public school in upstate New York, an international school in Japan, and two private schools in the Philadelphia area. She also has many years of experience as an independent math tutor. She currently homeschools her four children ranging from grades 5 - 11.
Through my many years of classroom teaching, tutoring, and homeschooling, Iíve had students that have excelled in math and students that have struggled, and I have always been able to adapt my teaching style to address students with varying needs. I like nothing more than to see the light bulb go off in a studentís mind as he or she has one of those "Ah ha" moments that happens in the learning process.
Jennifer (Parent): Mrs. Si has been an invaluable part of two of my students' math success while serving as their high school math teacher. Her confidence that my children could learn math, and her kind, patient demeanor was just what my children needed. They would frequently comment that Mrs. Si was able to explain concepts in a way that they just "got it". Her communication with me, the parent, was excellent as well. She genuinely cared about my children and their math success.
Elizabeth (Student): Math was never my best subject and I had gotten used to receiving Cís in those courses, instead of my normal higher grades. However, I had the opportunity to have Mrs. Si as both my Algebra I and Geometry teacher. I flourished in Mrs. Siís classes and received my best grades ever in math. She was very patient and took the time to walk me through all the steps to a problem and made sure I understood before moving on.
Marie (Parent): Ellen has been tutoring my daughter for the past three years in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Geometry. She is an extremely talented and patient teacher with a gift for making complex and abstract concepts simple to understand. My daughter frequently says, "I understand math so much better when Mrs. Si explains it to me! I get it!"
Teacher Profile: Ellen Si
Valerie Walter
Valerie has a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas and a Master's Degree in Engineering and Technology Management from Oklahoma State University. After working as an engineer for over 8 years with American Airlines and Altec Industries, she took a hiatus from her career to raise her children. She taught Algebra in college, has been a substitute teacher for high school math and science, and tutors math and science as well (locally and online). She also is raising her 4 young children.
While I have not felt called to be a full-time classroom teacher, I have a teacher's heart and a passion for helping students learn and understand math. I love working through a seemingly difficult problem with students and feeling their enthusiasm when they realize it wasn't as complex as it had seemed. Having career experience in engineering adds another dimension that I can bring to the classroom: Real-world experience.
Melissa (Parent): Valerie has been tutoring my daughter for a short time and the following anecdote summarizes our experience: One day my daughter just started screaming "I DID IT! I DID IT! I did my first box plot! I'm so excited! She's such a great teacher!!!" Then she explained how to do a box plot to me! I've never seen her so excited about math!
Ivy (Student): Mrs. Walter is an amazing teacher. She really knows her stuff and she can explain it in many different ways. She makes it very easy to follow, and if you have any questions, she makes sure to find another way to explain or she can easily help you find and fix your mistake!
Rusty (Math/Science Teacher): Valerie has been a blessing for me. She has subbed in my math and science classes the past four years. It is rare to find someone so capable in these subjects... not only with content knowledge, but also the ability to explain a new concept or help students with their questions.
Teacher Profile: Valerie Walter
Rebekah Meece
As of the 2016-2017 school year, Rebekah is finishing a dual Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Biology. She has experience tutoring students at virtually all levels of math (both online and in person). Recently she worked in the academic support center of her local community college. While she is newer as a teacher, she has taught Algebra 2 to a group of homeschool students and has also served as a supplemental instructor for Calculus classes at the college level. Rebekah is enthusiastic about math, education, and the homeschool community!
As a homeschool graduate myself, I understand the unique dynamics that are associated with home instruction. I also understand the frustrations that many parents/students face related to math. My goal as a teacher is to lessen that frustration and help students boost their math confidence and understanding of the concepts. Whether a student struggles or excels in math, I do everything I can to make it both interesting and fun!
Lesley (Parent): Rebekah is very organized and is a strong communicator (both in the classroom and by prompt emails). She is a dedicated teacher for all students. I believe that her in person teaching style will translate well to teaching in the online setting. Her kind personality and strength in mathematical knowledge is an asset to any student.
Kate (Student): Ms. Meece is really animated and gives an air of delight when teaching. She is very enthusiastic about math and finds ways to make it applicable to my daily life.
Caleb (Student): Ms. Meece works hard to help her students understand the information. She is very inventive with her presentations and this helps tremendously. She creates activities which really try to tie in the creative side of math. It shows that she loves what she does.
Teacher Profile: Rebekah Meece